hey.i just recived a new guitar for my birthday but everytime i try tune it to a lower tuning all the other strings change tuning so it ends up impossibe because all the other strings change.can anyone help?
well im using elixar superlight and its the first time i have ever used them.the sizes are 9-11-16-24-32-42
What kinda guitar is it?
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with trem guitars, ^ like said, the bridge needs to be stable. one string effects the bridge's balance and then the other strings.

so yes. type of guitar, and bridge, and is the bridge level.

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i know this might sound stupid but are you sure your using the right tuners for the string your trying to tune? i do this sometimes and never notice untill i pay 100% attention to my fingers.
If you have a floating bridge you're going to have to tune each string and then go back and retune it until its right.