Something cheap but at the same time good.

I'm not exactly a beginner, I play bass but Guitarcenter.com not shipping out my new bass equipment (Including new amp) after 2 months of the order being place due to warehouse issues in their shipping has made me pretty much play my old acoustic everyday.

I want to get into Electric guitar but not sure which to get. Should I pick up a cheap Yamaha (I hear they're good) or spend the extra cash for a Fender strat?

Any suggestions? The max I'd like to spend is 500.
Yamaha Pacificas are awesome starter guitars. I still use mine from time to time.
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it really depends on A: what you consider cheap, and B: what you want to play.

personally, i would go with a fender squire series or gibson sg series until you find something that fits your style and your budget.

but lets also not forget jackson, esp, and dean.


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I found my Dean Vendetta 1 is a good starter guitar. It's also $279
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Hmm aren't gibsons a tad expensive for cheap guitars? I mean i dunno about where you are but the gibsons selling over here are holy grail.. for the poorer pplz its usually epiphones here, status comes with owning a gibson(at least around here).

I've got a Yamaha Pacifica, the lowest model of em all haha. the Pacifica 012, i haven't found any problems with it. Then again it is my first electric so yeah... but in the shop comparing it to the cheaper cort electric and other thing the neck was really nice to move up and down. THe action seems nice(at least i havent found any problems with it) for a first guitar. I got it mainly because there were alot of good reviews on here and harmon central(i use that for guitar reviews pretty nifty alot of reviews).

SO yeah go for it, although i'm not too sure how much better the Pacifica 112 goes, but it is like slightly more expensive than the 012, so yeah if you cant find anything worthy in the difference just get the 012 which is cheaper

Myn came in a package $399 AUD with a vox pathfinder amp... which was decent. The esps would b elike $399 (on special sale my firend bought) the chepeast, dont think i really see anything lower than that. So yeah i guess the pacificas are pretty cheap and good.