OK, so granted this post has been done a million times. I've been looking over old amp suggestion posts for over an hour, but here's my story. So I started shopping for a new guitar a few months ago, but can't commit enough to spend the money. But just recently I decided that if I don't have a decent rig, there's really no point. I'm really interested in Rocktron's, and I'm not against [as a matter of fact I kind of like the idea] having a sepparate power and pre amp. Anybody have any experience with Rocktrons? Or suggestions for other heads [combo or not] in the $500 price range? Much appreciated. i'd be running it though an old Crate GT412. It was free, so anything I can do to make use out of it would be great.
All i know, is that the cab isn't very good. But that dosn't mean you cant good a good tone.
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