I've never seen or been able to get hold of anything by Sonny Boy I, so I'm sticking with saying this guy is the greatest harp player to grace the earth.

And yet, having said that, nobody ever seems to mention him. So I figure it's time to dedicate a thread to him. One of the only harmonica players that can send a shiver down my spine when he plays, one of those few people who play with so much passion you can feel it all through ever fibre of your body.
One of the things other than his astonishignly good harp player, is he's one of the those rare blues artists who's actually a pretty good lyricsist.

Songs I'd reccomend: Don't Start Me Talkin', All My Love In Vain, Unseeing Eye, Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide, Close To Me, One Way Out, Nine Below Zero.

Although, in fairness you couldn't really go wrong with whatever you buy of his.
well I've you want some sonny boy I, pm me. i have him playing live with the yardbirds. really good album.
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