I have naver installed any pickups before in my life.
So today i got the new pickups, emg 81/89.
Opend the packeges, removed my old pickups, looked at the setup instructions and found that the way i wanted to sett them up wasnt quit there on the drawings.

Found 1 instruction for the 89 that was close, only difference was that it was connected to a 5-way switch.
And for the 81 i found the opposit of what i wanted with 2 volumes and 1 tone w/ 3-way swicth which i think i may just turn around.

I want 2 tones and 1 volume w/ 3-way swicth.

Heres a picture of the instruction for the 89 w/ 5-way switch:
How do i connect it to a 3-way switch?
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wire it like this, only use the proper colour code (ignore the red and white wires in the diagram, and instead of green and bare wires for ground, it's the metal braided wire, and instead of black for the hot signal, use the white on your pickups, and connect the red to the battery)
Thanks dude. ill look closer and try to understand when i get a hold of a solderingbolt.
But the tone knob on the 89 is a little special couse theres a singlecoil and a humbucker in it, and by pulling the knob, it switches between them. And therefore it got some more wires to connect all around. how do i apply this to the drawing for the duncans?