I need to do a personal research topic as a module of my A2 history course, and I fancy doing something about Ireland in the 90s, problem is there's so much stuff and I know so little at present.

I need to find one area that has some controversy surrounding it, i.e. people are still arguing over possible explanations for an event.

I realise this is quite a broad topic, I just need some help sifting through it.

Many thanks in advance (hopefully, normally my threads just crash and burn)
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bloody sunday is a hotpoint...you could look at that. or the garvaghy (sp?) road thing with the orange order marching through that. or the IRA bomb in Omagh, Michael Stone...any of that is still pretty hotly disputed
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Dunno if this is what you need but you can do it on Bobby Sands/The Hunger strikers in the H Blocks, if this is what you need it could be pretty good since theres the whole thing about Bobby Sands getting into parlement.
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Mention the downing street declaration and john major and tony blair's work with Ahern to settle the problem to get that nationalists and unionists. i did ireland at A2 but i did the Civil War.