..when a Fender HM strat, A Gibson, and maybe a Charvel have sex and produce a new guitar. This "Gibson WRC" is EXTREMELY rare and would make a great collectors piece or a real players guitar. It is all original and used, but in EX cond. Keep in ion your sights, cuz it was 1.1k in 1988, and $255 (as of this post) No Reserve in 2007.


Charvel/Fender HM strat style body.
All Black hardware
1 volume, 1 tone
Coil tap push-pull switch built in to volume pot.
3 switches, no idea what they do
Gotoh tuning machines
GIBSON Licensed floyd
DiMarzio Super Distortion in Bridge, HS-3s in Middle and Neck.
.........( V )
./ l 666 ll
.- ll.....ll

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i don't know i thought it was pretty cool although i can't believe Gibson actually made a guitar like that
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he'd probably think they suck since they don't tune down to drop Z, wear red caps and wear their baggy shorts round their knees...
I thought it was fake, but I called Gibson and they told me it's real! Really unique...
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him:"hey you play guitar"? *swipes without permission* "dOOd your guitars way out of tune."

me:"its in drop D idiot"

him:"ill drop D on your mom!"
man...i know you already know this, but you have a sexy guitar
but you're a fool for selling it, wait another 2 years so that it's 20 years old at least, but i'd keep it
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