Ok, I was switching out my 2nd gen iPod Mini's battery and when I was putting it back together I accidentally broke the hold switch, I can tell you now that it is beyond my ability to repair because the piece I broke was extremely small. I was wondering if there is any other way to put the ipod on hold, like a software option or holding a button down for a few seconds etc.
Not that i know of.

You can go put it in sleep mode, but you can't listen to music while it's in sleep.
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Build a box to put it in and gaffa tape it in there. Then no buttons will get pressed that you don't want pressed.
At least yours still works. Mine broke and now I have to wait 3 weeks for it to ship to Apple so they can fix it (which they cant) and send me my money back to get a new one. You dont really need the hold button anyway.
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so there's like nothing I can put on the ipod so it says something like hold on the menu, then I have to do some wierd key sequence to take it off or something?