whats the difference?!?! i kno im gnna get flaimed for askin that but i was wonderin. liek alkaline trio id think was pop punk and from first to last was emo. is this right? or liek wtf idk wat im sayin just someone plz help me out. how do i tell the difference
Look in the emo essentials thread
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I have said this before.. and alas no doubt i will have to say it again, dispite the wonderful answers most questions of this sort recieve here....

there are as i see it only two types of music, that which you like, and that which you dont.

who cares about all the pointless, mindless microdivisions within music? the people who make them up are without a doubt ****tards who have no idea what music is anyway... or teenagers struggling to find something with which to define themselves and their friends.

if you like it listen to it if you dont dont. either way dont ask other people because everyones opinion will be different.

hope it helps
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yeah i agree with robet. i listen to what i like. i read the emo essentials thread and i no what makes up "emo" thanks for everyone who helped
Nothing you will hear on the radio or MTV is emo, thats all I have to say.

And no, From First To Last IS pop-punk.
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