hi, i was wondering what brand of amp i can buy that will give me a sound similar to nirvana, alice in chains, and the vines.
Gonna need to be a little more specific. Budget perhaps? A lot of amps can be made to sound like something. Give us more background. I can make a $50 Fender Frontman to sound like nirvana or I can make a 1500$ Mesa Dual Rectifier sound like nirvana. lets have som emore info
umm, bugdet wise i wouldn't wanna exceed 1000 $$. and i have a fender frontman 25 r, know any settings that sound good??
I really dont use that amp much for fooling around tone wise. It's mainly my practice amp, but I do love it as a practice amp, its pretty versatile and sounds better than my spider. As for amps, with that inda money you could get a very nice tube combo amp like a high end peavey, or you coul check out higher end marshalls, but I dont know a whole lot about them. Did you want an amp to sound just like those three bands only? How about some genres that you play alot?Do you play classic, modern metal or classic metal? Mostly clean or blues stuff? Info Info Info
well kurt cobain used a finder twin i think which is about 1,100 i think so maybe save up a bit more?
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well kurt cobain used a finder twin i think which is about 1,100 i think so maybe save up a bit more?

was it the 'hillel slovak era' when rhcp were on the simpsons?

sorry about the totally irrelavant post
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genre, that'd be grunge. nothing else more really. Oh, and as for the frontman sounding better than your spider, which spider is it? I was thinking of buying the spider 3 120 w but i dont thibk i will because the presets sound too digital.....
Alice in Chains has the best tone out of those bands. A peavey Windsor would nail the dirty parts. For cleans I'd go for an old fender bassman head. Amazing cleans and for dirt cheap too.