No, not that LFO song...

Anyway Im new to this High School Im going to and I want to start a band really fast. Are there any tips you UGer's out there know of that could help expedite the process? I know absolutely no one in this new school and the same goes for them. Also if you're feeling kind, leave some tips on how to make friends as well

Thanks UG
if you're a good player, bust something out in front of a bunch of people, and you'll be getting band offers.
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I really don't have any advice, all my friends went to the same HS as me. What I wanna ask is what school you goin to because i'm from Jersey too and curious, lol
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try and find an open mic night somewhere at like a coffee shop or somewhere... then bust out playing something sick. or just play, and talk to musicians, they might be able to tell you about players looking to start a band, etc. as for making friends, find someone in your class before lunch that you kind of like, talk to them, and if they have your lunch period sit with them. that'll get you through the most akward moment of your life, which would be sitting alone at the end of a table populated with a bunch of losers talking about world of warcraft.

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Work on your yngwie, Then bust it out infront of people.
If you wanna be in that type of band.

IIf you wanna be in a classic rock band or something. Just go jam.
If they have one go to the guitar club, or start a guitar club.
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Ask around for n00dz.

..of d00dz.
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take music as a class =]
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Its fun

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Great advice everyone, thanks. Anymore input? And Oh, by the way, are there any tips on icebreaker questions I coud ask to get some sort conversation going?

"Come here often?"
just be cool around them dont get all im better then you because no ofence but at this point in time they have more friends then you

...for now

*evil laugh*
hmm. i would say just ask around. anyone you meet talk to them about musicians in the school. then i again, i have never been the new kid, and i have never realy been in a band, so this may get you beat up. i hope not. cuz then i would feel realy bad.
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