I have CoolEdit Pro and I record stuff but have the worst, crappiest, fuzziest, piece of $#!+ mic in the world.

So whats a good mic, not like a microphone as in singing...but a mic for recording, thats relatively cheap. Don't show me a $100 mic, I just want it to record guitar riffs etc.
pretty much the standard for recording instruments is the sm57 by shure. yea, its up there around 100 dollars... but anything cheaper is gonna sound like the mic you have now.
^BS right there

My band uses cheap Radio Shack mics for amps, they sound really good considering the price and stuff. If you're not worried about studio-grade equipment, then these ones are the way to go.
the behringer xm8500 is a poor man's shure sm58... its a good choice.
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I really don't want to buy a mic and have it ending up one grade above mine, at three times the cost, yet still sounding like crap.

I might just go for the sm57... and by that I mean when I get the money haha. Thanks guys (or girls, idk)
I bought a Shure SM58 and took it back after comparisons with my Karaoke mic didn't show hardly any difference. I purchased the 3 for $20 pack of Nady SP5s + $21 for cables. Musicians Friend has a Nady mic with cable for $10. I think it's the SP4.
It would be wise to invest in a decent tube preamp (The ART Tube MP is great and cheap) and a good analog/digital interface for your PC (unless you've got a really good sound card in your PC already).
Get yourself a used Lexicon MPX 100. They go for $50-$60 on ebay.
The A/D converter is great and you feed your PC soundcard with noise-free optical SPDIF.
Did I mention you get a few wonderful reverbs and other FX as a bonus ?
As a second bonus, it handles guitar preamp line-outs and amp sims like Line 6 POD, Boss COSM really, really well.

But if you're really into close mic'ing, the workhorses in the business are Shure SM57, Sennheiser 421, e606, e609, through a decent preamp of course, like a mackie VLZ mixer.
AKG make SM58 copies that are, well, pretty poor.

But I'd go for the 57. Just because they're great.
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just getting a new mic wont improve much if you have a poor soundcard. and im guessing you have an adaptor and plug the mic straight into to oyur computer? yeah, if so thats a problem. the cheapest way, i think, to get decent quality is to get a firewire mixer and a good mic, like the sm57.
edit/ dont forget to upgrade your soundcard
you should check out the behringer firewire package. gives you a microphone (which is actually pretty decent) a mixer, a firewire interface so you can stick it in your computer and some software for you to use. the software is pretty basic but it's fine, i've used it for recording some of my friends stuff and it was pretty good
What are you recording?
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SM57, I actually have a friend that's selling some (3 I think), but I don't know if he'll ship them.
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