I have a 72 Gibson SG Deluxe copy. I found this at my parent’s house. All I know is that my brother got it in Japan in the early eightys. The electronic don't look like Gibson, the pickups have no marking on them, and no serial number anywhere to be found. The headstock looks correct but nothing else matches.
Some have claimed this to be a real Gibson, but I can't confrim this.

Now for the bad, some of the inlay are messed up, and the binding on the neck is cracked on the top side, and a piece missing on the lower.

Would like get $200+ shipping, OBO.
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Well thats not very nice. By the way nice looking sg.
To me, it sounds bad, but I have never like the sound of the SGs. I would say it sounds like a stock Epi LP. The pickups are vintage output, around 8.5k. Also, the necks fell thicker than the Epi LP, and it weights more too.
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SomniferousEyes can blow me

LOL. Ok man. First off, I was trying to be helpful. Second, it WAS clearly visible to you before you asked.

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Id be glad to give u 175 for it,this is like my ideal guitar, i live in southern Michigan, post me back or email me soon please: dogpile32002@yahoo.com, thanks
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Youreallygotme I sent you an email. I don't if got them but if you want pm me.