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Sea Change
8 62%
Midnight Vultures
3 23%
Mellow Gold
2 15%
Voters: 13.
Which cd should i get next?
the ones i have are these, in order of how much i like them.

The Information

I like them all, but thats the order?
So which one?
judging by what you tell us, i'd say go with mellow gold

i actually think i like midnight vultures best out of the missing ones though
Sea Change is an all acoustic album and it's definitely the one i would get if i was you. There's just something so great about it. you should definitely pick up the other 2 albums eventually too though.
Midnight Vultures is really funky/sexually charged. I think it's the best of the remaining options.

Mellow Gold is pretty good for a first shot, but not my favourite.

I haven't heard Sea Change yet.

The Information and Odelay are my favourites, so good man for at least having those two.
If you can find a copy, get One Foot in the Grave. It's got a lo-fi/folk sort of sound and is my favourite Beck album. After that, I'd get Sea Change and then Mellow Gold. Then again, I haven't actually heard Midnight Vultures yet.
Never could get into Beck.
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i'd go with midnight vultures but sea change is an amazing album as well so either one of those.