its okay, your voice doesn't quite sound right compared to the killers' singer but it sorta works out anyway.
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He's right, but it's not that it doesn't sound "right" it just sounds different than the original. Your voice is very strong and you're hitting the notes properly so there's no technical problem, I guess just that we're used to the original. You did the guitar very well, though. This cover was very good musicianship.
it sounded a bit like a pop punk version of the song
but i thought it was a good cover. I love it how you bring the song with your own turn to it. good job!!!
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Unborn, that was beautiful. You have an awesome voice which I absolutely loved and the guitars sounded wonderful. If you have any more vids or songs I definetly want to hear them man ! Keep up the good work.
Absolutely brilliant.

Record it properly, put it on myspace/soundclick or something, I want to download/buy this.
To be honest, i found it kind of boring. Your voice is really good, and so is your playing. I guess just from hearing that song 20 billion times on the radio i was bored with it just being played like that. You have alot of talent, you should try something more original next time though, know what i mean?
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Mic your acoustic instead of plugging it in .

I like the harmonizing. Nice work.

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That was awesome, the guitar work was great while you were singing, thats gotta be hard.

I'm pretty sure his buddy was playing those parts.
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I love it, and im impressed theyres actually ppl that decided to do an acoustic cover of the song, keep up the good work guys
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awesome as usual man, your friend is pretty good too.
What recording interface do you use?
I was expecting this to be lame, but I was dead wrong. Great job on the vocals. I am not crazy about the whole A/E sound, but they guitar work was great too. 10/10.
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great cover, one of your best, 10/10
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i have to say, that that was really impressive. Really professional sounding, and with lots of confidence. The solo came out flawlessly, and it gave the impression that nothing really got left out, despite the fact that yoiu only got 2 acoustics in this version. I don't think theres really anything to criticize in there except for that annoying video effect. Seriously though, excellent job.
That was awesome

i envy your voice.
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Thanks so much guys, I appreciate it a ton.. thanks for checking out my video
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Great cover! You show a sense of originality, by not just copying the original but making something of your own out of it.. Well done, 5* for you..

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