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She Knew
1 17%
Watcher's Eye
2 33%
I once dreamed i was a bird, and she was...
0 0%
3 50%
Voters: 6.
1st - 3pts, 2nd - 2pts, 3rd - 1pt.

She Knew

She knew that it was a mistake
to open wide for one last breath
when all around was nothing more
than angered souls, laid to rest.

Watcher’s Eye

Flames are dancing to silent symphonies
The moon is crying to a melancholy melody
And the orchestra which plays on the wind
Whispers sweet nothings in my mind
We’re sinking deeper
Deeper in to the garden
Where the light barely touches
With grainy fingers
Paled by the leaves
All through the watcher’s eye

The sun is at war
As the angels play the harps and lutes
Towards the sea of bodies
Piling up on the shore
By the harbour wall
The reason to fear
And the reason to live
And the reason to love
Are one and the same
But brightly shines the flame
In the watcher’s eyes

I once dreamed i was a bird, and she was...

she stands alone in the middle of a room
the stars hung like stage lights
give a diluted aurora to this girl
wrapped in ruffled feathers
she spreads her wings
and is exposed

naked she holds a hand to her breast
and calls out a name swept away
by the hushed breath of the breeze
then she removes the mask
descends the stairs from the pedestal
on which she was placed
and stands alone
never to speak again

Gehenna (The gate to Hell)

I stood. A luminary.
Against a viscous tide of shallow breaths
smut rolls wander from a tableau -
as attentive eyes cater a silent pyre
in crest-fallen skies,
while cantering souls lead past a simoniac
gifting Ayin Ha'ra to spurious followers.

I knelt. In half-light.
Upon schema-conduits of barren soles,
Khamsin winds scour laden plains -
as committed minds cater a boundless pyre
in downcast hearts,
while cantering souls present a sacrifice
- with extremis apt - to the edge of Hell's throat.

I leapt. A martyr.
Towards the uncharted depths of Earth's crux
Gehenna's limbs entwine my body -
as destined fingers cater an infinite pyre
with expectant reach,
while cantering souls lift future offerings
above the smouldering sands, ready to let go.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
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Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
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