well, you could always pick up an acoustic, start playing, and listen, couldn't you?
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I'm sure if you tried you could arrange it for an acoustic :/ But to answer the question "Can you play rock on acoustic?" I would have to say yes. Ever heard of the Foo Fighters?
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try to play tnt on acostic tell me how it sounds. i am a beginer so i would not know
I cannot imagine playing AC/DC on acoustic, then again Bracket did do an acoustic version of 2RAK005, if you did not know they are punk. Meaning that they play exactly like Angus with the repeating power chords almost exclusively, only difference is that Angus can solo. So maybe you could get away with it. Give it a shot.
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If Jack Black can make an acoustic rock then someone else should be able to as well. In my defense later, if you cannot make an acoustic rock send Jack Black a letter expressing your disdain for him.
I'd love to see someone do Thunderstruck on acoustic
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try to play tnt on acostic tell me how it sounds. i am a beginer so i would not know

Funny ive been playing TNT on my acoustic all week and even today.

Sounds KILLER. SOmetimes i even prefer it.

a lot of rock and even metal nowadays utilize acoustic guitars, and many artists and bands also promote acoustic versions of their songs (like mtv unplugged or special bootlegs n stuff)
i know people that play metallica on their acoustics. sounds good.
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A lot of classic rock lends itself very well to acoustic guitars.
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I actually went to a concert a month ago and before the show they were just playing music in the stadium over the speakers and they were playing some acoustic bluegrassy cover of Highway to Hell. It was actually pretty cool.
A guitar is a guitar. you can play the heaviest metal on a acoustic. it may sound a little fuzzy, but it is still possible. I play all except a few gigs with my acoustic (shopping mall begging mostly) and i play mostly top 40 rock and it sounds fine.
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It is indeed very much possible to play some forms of rock on an acoustic but I can imagine you having trouble in some aspects.
Well most rock is crappy. It just being power chords, which don't have a lot of power without distortion.
yes, if you have the ability to plug your acoustic into your amp, just set it to distortion. then rock your heart out. i too enjoy playing rock riffs on acoustic at times. it helps me even to make longer finger stretches and quicker on electric. but i tend to play a more ska/reggae style when im using my acoustic(takamine which i love).
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I'd say yes, you can. I've seen some songs you would never imagine being acoustic sound awesome. A lot of people also will enjoy a song like that because it's out of the ordinary. Lot of times, people prefer something unusual or different to the same old distortion.

For example, whoever said Foo Fighters before. They make awesome acoustic versions. Also, Stone Temple Pilots have some pretty good acoustics.