Howdy I sprained my ankle today going skateboarding now there's a bigass swell on it. Now I'm just wondering what I could get to help cause its aching like a bitch.

Thanks in advance.
pain pills
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Painkillers and Put an icepack on it, Maybe go to a doctor if it's serious.
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lol i broke my leg but umm ibprofane works to make the swelling go down and some tylonal
amputation will cure your ankle problem.
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Rub Icy Hot on it, and thats in seriousness
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Dip your foot in a bucket of ice water and leave it in for about 5-7 minutes...its gonna hurt like hell for the first 3 minutes but after that your foot is mostly numb so you dont feel much...don't try to go longer than 7 minutes cause you could get frost bite. After that just wrap it up, take some pain killers if needed and rest...o also keep it elevated to make the swelling go down
Yet another time when Icy Hot will actually prove its worth.
Use it.
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LoL @ icy hot.

why lol? it would make sense... +1 to icy hot
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+ 1 more to icy hot and ibuprofen (sp?)
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