Alright. I am going to be going off to college in January and will only be able to bring two guitars with me to college. I want to have as many tonal possibilities as I can, as I have to be very versatile. I am going to be bringing my Ibanez Universe, it has a Evo in the bridge and in a few weeks will have a Blaze in the middle and neck, with seperate push/pulls to split the neck and bridge. I am also going to bring my Ibanez S-540 Custom. At the moment it has EMG's (85/SA/81) but I was thinking of putting passives in it, also with push/pulls.

If I didn't keep the EMG's I would probably put a D-Sonic in the bridge, an Area '58 in the middle, and I was thinking an Air Norton in the neck. But i'm open to considerations for a different neck.

I like how the EMG's sound at times. Through my V3 it has BALLS, but for other then that it's not really that great. I want a really tight sound like the EMG, which is why I chose the D-Sonic. I have the Air Norton in my Schecter and I really like it's sound.

Should I keep the EMG's, or ask my parents to put new pickups in it for Christmas?
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woah....you're just going to college, and you have a Universe?

anyway, the S already has like, $300 in pickups in it, why would you wanna replace them?
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
Money is no concern, also price does not equal good tone.

I got the Universe for a good deal, it's my baby.
If you do, Keep the EMG's around for when you play through your V3(you're not taking that to college right?) and you need balls(I'm sure you have plenty, I mean isn't 2 enough?).
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No, I can't take the V3 to college yet. Once I get my solo project started and I start doing gigs I will, but that won't be until my sophomore year probably. I'd keep the EMG's, just buy new pups for the S. If I took the EMG's out i'd probably put them in my B.C. Rich that i'd keep here at home.
^You have EMGs, and you want to replace them? oO


I'd get the DiMarzio Evo2.
I have an Evo in my Universe. What's the difference? I want a distinct sound difference between the two guitars.
wow u have a universe a ibanez custom and a bc rich and a v3 and ur gonna get so many new pickups lol i wish i had that much money
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