which file takes up less space, an m4a/mp3 or an aac? I've got a new phone with a 2gb memory card and my entire music collection takes up 2.07 gb and I need to compress that in order to fit it all on my phone. The easiest way for me to convert files would be to aac straight through iTunes but if needed I'll download some converter that changes to wma. Anyone know roughly how much space these 2 formats (aac and wma) save? Like how much will my collection take up after the conversion compared to 2.07gb? Many thanks and much love. <3 XxxxX
Doesn't matter which format they're in, it's what bitrate they're in that does. You can lower the bitrate in iTunes I think.
if i'm not mistaken wma saves you almost half the space... If I'm not mistaken
well most phones dont play aac
but thats just from experience so that may not be true

i dont think theres much/if any difference in the size of the files

you'd have to change the bitrate if you wanted to drasticly lower the size of the files
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Ah rite, thanks for all the advice so far, but I don't know how to change bitrate And my new phone definitely plays aac, its a Nokia N95, it plays mp3, aac, eaac, wma, m4a and some others I just need to fit it all on a 2gb memory card. And I know wma changes the file size quite drastically, like almost half of the space, but my laptop doesn't have internet so I don't want to have to download a software on a usb pen, install it on the laptop and then find out it needs the internet to work. Any way I can change the bitrate in iTunes? or does converting it to aac in iTunes make a difference cz I don't see the point of making it possible if it doesn't make a difference I need more help! Please <3 XxxxX