Dude. It's the rolling stone. It's a magazine for people who say "Like, Oh my GAWD! You can't wear that shirt with those jeans!!"

They rate Cobain higher than Brian May, David Gilmour, Angus Young and Randy Rhoads.

It's about as accurate as MTV's list of guitarists.
it dont have dimbag or zakk wylde or james hetfield on it either!
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Look at where Kurt Cobain is...
Now look at where Angus Young is...

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yeh i know i found it on wikipedia so i looked it up and its gay
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it's a hoax! get it down!

lol, it just isn't correct, it leaks accuracy
I have 2 words for this:

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wheres MAB and John Petrucci?

its just so wrong. theres so many more guitarists better than Kurt cobain and the edge

I mean WTF i hate U2 theres little to no guitar work that isnt simple chords. And Johnny ****ing Ramone Jesus christ

i cant keep going ill self combust in anger!
most fuked list ever
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Looks like Lars Ulrich decided to become a hacker.

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Eddie Van Halen at 70? Jesus...
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The funniest part of that list is that Tony Iommi is ranked one spot above Joan Jett.
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David Gilmour 82?

Pish posh!
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cobain deserves respect for being able to make some awesome tunes that also happen to be quite simple. He still shouldnt be that high on the list though. But hey, the rolling stone lists always use fame as the most important attribute. Maybe think of it as less of a skilled guitarist list, and more of a famous, successful guitarist list.
On what is this list based on?? I have seen it when I didn't know much about guitaristst but now... where is Shawn Lane, Paul Guilbert , Buckethead the other dudes with technique
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I haven't even looked at the list. When will people realise that these lists are just and opinion? No one can make one that everyone agrees with. It's just meant to be interesting to read, or enlightening to non-guitarists....
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id agree with the first 10, but after that it starts to get inaccurate.