I have recently learned how to play my first song on the guitar, Cannon by the White Stripes. Surprised I did'nt do Smoke on the water? Yeah, so am I.

Anyway, can any of you reccomend a good song for me to learn to play?
It has to be either a blues or rock song.
Preferably, a White Stripes, Nirvana, or Led Zepplin song.

Thanks for the help,
well...if its nirvana you want...then you should learn rape me, smells like teen spirit, or polly

those are really beginner songs and you should have almost no problem playing them

Now if you want to step it up a notch you should try playing disturbed or something around that style. They are not hard to play but it will help you out with cover stuff meh.
you know one song and your name is guitargod? thats balls right there bro. learn something like immigrant song by zep or smells like teen spirit if you want one with an easy solo thats kinda cool. basically, you could just turn a radio on and learn whatever hits your ear right. hope that helps!
So it goes.
Nirvana -
Smells like teen spirit
Come as you are
In bloom
About a girl

All good beginners song to learn
White Stripes-
Seven Nation Army
Hardest Button to Button
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there are heaps and heaps of appropriate songs in the begginers song thread in the guitar & bass basics forum
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