What do i need? And what would you recommend? I currently have a lowly tascam usb audio interface but i'm looking for something a little more advanced. Basically at the moment i figure i need:-
New software: Currently using Cubase LX which came free with my tascam, what should i be looking to get instead, pro tools?
New speakers/monitors: thats fairly straight forward but if you know of any you'd highly recommend list them anyway
Mixing desk: New to these so not too sure really what to look for?
Audio Interface: And a new one of these any advice is appreciated
A good place to start is the stickies at the top of this page. They really spell everything out.
Pro Tools has a really steep learning curve, and Cubase LX isn't too bad, you could keep that.
The monitors I have are breaking after about 6 monthes of use so don't get M-Audio Studiophile DX4's lol.
I don't know any good brands of mixers but I know that the cheap ones usually are kind of crappy.
A firepod is a really good audio interface and can kind of take the place of a mixer since it has a bunch of inputs for drum mics and such.
I'm just going to suggest monitors, the ones which I use are Behringer Truth (B2031A) active monitors, and they are very good and cheap for what they are (£200).
For the mixers, behringer's Xenys series mixers are really good for the money, but I'd only bother getting up to the 10/12 channel one for a home studio. The xenyx series also come with a USB interface themselves, which you simply connect to the CD in/out sockets. There are more ideal mixers out there, but they're ususally quite a bit more expensive, and I don't really know much about other mixers that would be ideal for a home studio. Pro tools is a good program to use, but to be honest, I doubt you really need it. I don't know what Cubase LX is like (in terms of features available, etc), but I know Cubase LE does everything you'd need it to.
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