'no stairway'


I've not clicked the link (too busy listening to pettruci) but I'm guessing it's stanley Jordan playing stairway. That guy is truly amazing, and I like the way when he covers songs he makes them his own and doesn't just blatantly copy them.
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^I agree thats another reason I was so impressed with him.
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some obscure satellite station showed this concert in full! it was goot stuff!
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i want his flattop...and his skills, but mainly his flattop
Ibanez RGT42FM w/duncans
Musuc Man JP6, fully loaded
Crybaby 95Q
Boss DD6
Mesa DC-5
He should be playing bass
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I've never seen tapping like that. He plays his guitar like a keyboard during the solo. Sweet.
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I'm going to go against the grain and not like that at all.

It was great playing (amazing actually), but there was really need to make it so much more complicated. I just couldn't get into it at all.

And there were a couple of obvious bum notes
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dang, good tapper
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he's skillful but I cant stand listening to any of that.

Edit: I tried to watch it again cause maybe i missed something.. Now its actually painful to listen to.
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