all right, so i have $500 (US) and im in a fork in a road....amp or guitar. im looking at a possible epi les paul custom or a peavey valveking 112. i know i know, the lp is 600 but i can save up a little longer. on to my gear. i have a epiphone g-400. its alright. MARSHALL MG 15!! this can persuade u to suggest the amp. its a piece of crap really but a guitar is really tempting
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I'd go with replacing the amp here for obvious reasons. I wouldn't suggest a Valveking though, they're rather overrated; so unless you have experience trying them out and you really liked it I'd recommend a Palomino V32.

Unless you can't stand the way the G-400 plays (aka if it's just the tone that bothers you) then you could alway upgrade the pickups. Powered by Lace and GFS Pickups are both excellent options that would allow you to change out both pickups for under $100.

As a general rule I recommend something like (g-400s have chrome hardware right?):

Bridge: Crunchy PAF
Neck: Vintage 59' PAF

Together they cost ~$75 and shipping might cost you $5-10. I swear you'll get a sound worthy of a mid-range Gibson with these.
i'd suggest the amp personally, but at the same time that epi les paul custom is a beauty for the money... my friend has a white one that i think kills his g400...
oh, and do you gig a lot?
if you don't really do that much gigging don't really need the amp too badly anyways
either way you go, those are some nice choices
Most definetely the amp, man. You'll be thankful in the end. I had the same dilemma too, I went with the amp. Haven't regretted it at all. It's the smarter move in your scenario.
Gotta go for an amp. A good amp can make the crappiest guitar sound good.
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What type of music do you play? A good guitar won't make an MG sound much better.
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