I really like the look of this guitar, and it is my first acoustic, i don't need a GREAT guitar, because I don't plan on getting that serious with it. I just want to know if it is a good beginner acoustic guitar. I have been playing electric fo a long time, is the transition that hard? Here is the guitar, it is a Yamaha F335. It is very affordable for me.


Thanks in advance!
Looks good for a mess about. its not hard really to change.

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that'll actually be a pretty hard transition for you if you've never really played acoustic, look for something with a cutaway, ibanez has some nice ones and they have lower action than most dreadnoughts so it makes it easier for us electric players
yeah it looks good if you are not getting to serious with anything and its in your budget. yamaha is probably one of the best guitar you can buy in that price range aswell.

i was looking at on ir a fender and everyone told me to get the yamaha but i gat a washburn instead but high price range but still
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i have a yamaha f-310, thats an f-335. they last forever, go for it.
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Try eBay,

I got a nice Washburn for £100 (about $200 for you American Folk)

Just shop around.
Oh forgot to add,

That'll prolly do you,

My old lead guitar player used to play Yamaha, and he's pretty much the best guitar player in Wales.

And it sounded damn good.
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Just a question, what difference will a cut away do?

a cutaway will give you easier access/playability to the higher frets of the fretboards.