Post up picks and opinions about your Ovation guitar!
I absoutly love mine!

Model CS 347

Pics Later...
I have an applause....absolutely awesome starter guitar

it makes kitties sad when it's plugged in though

They do make some of the most beautiful looking guitars though...would love to try a high end one some day..... *sigh*
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I wish I had an Ovation. I think that will be my next purchase after I get enough money for a car which probably won't happen any time soon.
C' Mon are there only 2 of us?
Lets get some action here!
I started learning 2 months ago on my dad's 12-string Applause. Yes, I started learning on a 12-string.... Haha. For my birthday (I got it about 2 weeks ago) I got a 6-string Applause. I like it. I like the size and shape in particular. Since I'm just learning, the most important thing to me is comfort lol.

But anyway, I enjoy mine.
I don't have one, but i was playing on them today at Guitar Center, all I can say is wow.. I like them a lot, hopefully I'll save up and get one soon.
i have an electric ovation...gs...pretty sweet but i dont have any pics damn
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