so i've got a bass made by some company that i've never heard of before ( Barron)
and the first day i had it, it was perfect. knobs worked, neck was fine, it was all good. but now, the neck has messed its self up pretty bad, the action was like a cemtimeter off the board. so i take it to the guitar store, and the guy there said that he straightened the truss rod as far as it'l go, and the action is still waaaaay off the board. he said the rod and neck didnt match or something, and that i'l need to get a new neck.
do you think i should get a new neck, or just screw it and go for a new bass?
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try putting something like a this strip of card under the hell of the neck where it joins the body that should lower the action
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IMO, it's not worth repairing a bass whose name you've never heard before.
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i say get a new bass then start toying with this one and do anything
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depends on how much you like this bass.. if you like the tone/feel try to fix it.. if its just a so so bass go for a Fender Jazz Bass xD
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I've had the same problems. When it happens I tool around with the truss rod and the bridge and then I have to re adjust everything when the seasons change. If you're new to bass I suggest you not try to fix it yourself. I've never heard of this brand so maybe you should look into a better bass than a new neck.