I agreed with him on may of the issues.... the only problem I had was when he dissed guitar lessons. They are good motivation, and can at least teach you some very important parts of playing.

Bruce is a very smart man.
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Well, he did say that "in the 70s, you learned guitar from trying to play other peoples music from records or maybe getting a few tips from people who already could play guitar"................so that can be considered "lessons".
I agree though that you shouldnt learn all of your guitar playing through lessons, because, as he said, they put a dampner on personal style and force you to play something perfectly. Its the imperfections in playing which form your style.
I agree with pretty much everything he's said, even the part about everything music-wise being established in the 60s or 70s. I think what he meant by that is every statement had been made and each primitive sound had been brought to the table, and since then it's just been pushed to it's limits. Just to clear some confusion.

I am biased towards not having too many guitar lessons, being self-taught myself.
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I agree with most of what he says, but I still think lessons are essential in learning to become a talented and creative musician.

I very much agree with what he says, even lessons to an extent. I agree that you have to learn some of it yourself, but I wouldnt be near as good as I am now without them.

Bruce is indeed a very smart man.
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