Wrote this one a while ago, thereis a lines that I'm going to get around to changing hopfuly soon but what to write usually esacpes me but I'll point out the ones I dont liek and If there happens to be any suggestions, great, if not, I'll do it eventually......Anyway, it's a thrashy verse riff but a power metalie chorus

Birth of Hatred

Intensely blackness stares at me
It won’t let go, none can be free
Structure unravels, order destroyed
Hate grips them tightly forevermore

Advancing like a night owl<<
The time for birth is now at hand
Redemption has deserted you
No more shall the good in men stand

The hour of hate draws nearer
You all shall now blaspheme
No longer go is in command
The birth of hate reigns free

As the time closes upon the end
The regime of hate is secured
Humans rule with insanity
Hate builds up upon its own extreme


He tricks them with wisdom and might
He turns on them destroying their plight
Ravaging the Earth with horror
The Birth of hatred begins now

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