I would have made a reggae thread, but that's a little too broad a genre. So who else here likes dance hall reggae? I'd say my favorite artist is Buju Banton, followed by Bounty Killer, Elephant Man and Beenie Man.
If morning's a bitch with open arms, night's a girl who's gone too far.

Ahahaha I like one Sean Paul song, but that's about it.
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It seems like UG is full of those Caveman Metalheads

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I meant caveman as in long haired....

New dancehall is mainly ****.

Check out Yellowman and Eek a mouse. Gooood ****.
Bam bam, ey, what a bam bam,
Bam bam dilla, bam bam
Bam bam dilla, bam bam
'ey what a bam bam, seh what a bam bam!

One of the best songs ever
According to BS statistics, 92% of teens have moved on to rap. If you're among the 8% who doesn't consider rap to be real music, donate your brains, as you clearly aren't using them.