Hi pplz.

I recently looked up this Dethklok Tab and decided to give it a Go.
-Tuned It Correctly
-Pushed in the Distortion,treble to about 5.5,Bass to 8.
-Slid Selector knob to Bridge Pick-up.

I played the Tab.Yet there was something lacking. I could Barely recognice what i heard coming out of my amp....

I should sound like this: Link

I,however,get this:Linkage
[no vid,just sound]

Gear Used:

SE Special Strat*
Sp-10 Amp

So. Whats the Dealie?

**For those who say i "need" a more Metal guitar(ibanez B.c Rich) Look at this:On a Strat.
Well Thats unfortunate.
I looked around and like 4 tabs had the same stuff so i left it alone.

But after going thru a few different sites and one had some different stuff.
Tuned and played.I sounded right how i wanted it: Link Thanks.
My amp couldnt distort it enough so i guess i need to fix that

I Appreciate that. Thx again.
You aren't palm muting.

You aren't picking it right.

You're generally doing it wrong.

Are you rather a begginer? You might be a little out of your depth with this song.
Yes.ive been playing for lil over a week.i wanted to test my skills an gradualy perfect the song over time.