i play guitar, and i have a friend who plays bass and one who also plays guitar. we're novice or amateur musicians, and are thinking of buying a drum set just to mess around on since we can't find anyone to play drums for us.

good idea or bad?
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It's not like playing a drum set will diminish your guitar abilities. Go for it.
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ya, i got a used one for 60$!!!!!
it really improved us as a whole.
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it can't hurt anything, I say go for it!
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If either one of you seriously tries to learn drums then I think it's a definite asset. However, if none of you do I would suggest buying it only if you don't spend too much money. It would be good to have an extra drum set for practice reasons. But drums can be pretty damn expensive so they're not worth buying if no one is going to play them.
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Ive got a drum kit that we use for little jams at my house when the whole band isnt together at our normal jam space, and it only cost me 30$ at a moving sale. its a decent beginner kit, nothing special, but its got all the pieces I need: Bass Drum, Two Toms, Floor Tom, Snare, High Hat, and a crash.

Best part about it is the kick pedal alone has a 36$ price tag on it still.

It definately hasnt made us any worse, and its great to have around when one of my buddies wants to jump on some percussion while I bang around on the guitar.