can you go in at any time? i'm thinking i'm gonna have to show up late, but i don't know if they'll let me in. i don't see why not. i don't want to take any chances though. i tried registering with the Ozzfest.com forum so i could ask there, but they never sent me a verification e-mail so i can't post anything there. if anybody has any idea how that crap works, please reply. thanks for the help.
I don't know for sure, but I would assume they would let you in at any time, as long as you've got your ticket and everything.
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dude.. im pretty sure ull b allowed in even if ur late.. not every1s gonna b there 50 mins earlier..
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Are you sure they never sent you an email, check your junk folder, sometimes they end up in there.
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yeah, i went to the auburn show and arrived an hour late, and got in fine. and my friends mom went just for ozzy's set, and was also admitted with no problems.
isnt this the third time you posted this?
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