So I think it's time for a second guitar. I have a Roland 15x Cube.

Now heres the thing.. im not dedicated to one style. I play lots of led zep, nirvana, white stripes, metallica. I play a bunch of things. From rock, blues, alternative. Everything except metal.. aside form metallica, who I love and play a lot.

So heres what I want in a guitar..

- A blue guitar!
- Under 500

So I was thinking of the HSS strat. Though I hear it's not good for metallica?

Basically, I just want a good all around guitar that can play different styles.. that sblue =]
If you can go a little over 500, go for a Epi Les Paul. I own one and I can play any genre of music; it has a good rich tone and sounds great with effects.

My two cents...

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I would say either an agile les paul (I think they have blue ones) or a regular les paul. And if you need harder tones, you can just replace the pickups, cause agiles are baisclly the best for the money.

Edit: Heres one, http://www.rondomusic.net/al-2800blueq.html

And another


They'd both be great, but the second is the higher quality. But yeah, they'd both be great. and very under budget.
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Hmmmm thanks I usually HATE the les paul looks... but these two look pretty nice =]

But are they as good as the strat im talking about?
I just bought an Epiphone LP today. Its a Studio model. They look great in black and cost around 400 US - 550 US. Its perfect for any style.
I own a HSS strat and can vouge that it's a great guitar for the cash. With a good pedal and amp, you can get metallica easy. It's also great for blues and everything else. It's extremely versatile. A pup change would make it even better, but the stock pups are in no way bad.
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Gah such hard choice -.-.... but I dont plan on buying a distortion pedal anytime soon, my amp gets the job done fairly well.. I just want a guitar for now to get rid of my crappy starter one.

Oh and between the 2 les pauls... how big of a difference is the second guitar? I mean, is it going to be a lot more better? <_<
You don't need a pedal if you've got sufficient distortion from your amp.
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I'd get a decent amp first, the Cube 15 isn't all that great for what you want. Get yourself a Valve Junior and a cheap OD pedal like a Bad Monkey - you'll love yourself forever. And you'll stiull have enough left over for a guitar...

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