There are some basses that I look in pics and I simply drool at them, and they sound pretty damn good. But then when you have them on your hands, they feel, just wrong... I know you understand, in the flesh you hands and ears tell you that it just won't happen.
Any stories?
Personally this has happened to me with every Fender made bass, their necks and bodies just feel wrong.
traben i like everything about them looks and sound wise
i went to a local music store to play one i swear that thing was like 20lbs
i didnt even play it put it down and said no way
P.S dont know how much basses way average but i would think 20lbs is alot all i kno is it was way way way heavy

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I may be a bit of a jerk, but once I was at a music store being patronized by a salesman who underestimated my knowledge of gear. I was telling him I wanted to try what would eventually be the bass I bought at another store (the Jazz). The guy kept talking about how great Ibanez basses are. I insisted, and he pulled one down and insisted I try it. I held it, then immediately let go as if it was covered in germs (and that awful satin finish on the neck felt like it) and made him pick the bass off my lap. The damn thing felt like a felt-coated guitar.

I did something similar with a Stingray; I grabbed one off a wall, played it for 3 seconds, and put it back. One salesman was kinda laughing (like wtf?) but I told him those bare neck finishes (i.e. no finishes) aren't for me.
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
I know I'm gonna get crap for this...

But i have never been a fan of Precision basses. I mean, they sound fine, but for some reason I have never been comfortable with them, I dont know what it is. Probably the fact that I am so used to having both jazz pickups there for me. I found this out when at a school music festival one of the schools had a standard Fender precision (2 actually, surprising because the school is quite poor), I tried it out and didn't like it. I've always been a Jazz Bass guy, though.
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I may be a bit of a jerk, but once I was at a music store being patronized by a salesman who underestimated my knowledge of gear.

I HATE it when they do that. When I went to ge my vamp's neck fixed I brought the guitar player from my band to the music store with me. He's an older teenager, and was dressed in a beater and jeans. He went into the guitar room to try some things out, and one of the store clerks asked if he was buying anything, which he responded no to. When he asked to try out the Les Pauls, the clerk said in a very snotty way, "No, I think we should stay away from the two grand plus guitars today." Little did this silly clerk know that my friend's dad, despite the age of my friend and the way he was dressed, owns a jewelery store, and could have given him two grand in a matter of seconds. So my buddy told the clerk this, proceeded to tell him off, and we left (luckily I had already payed for my fixed bass). I loathe music store people

As for the topic, I had a similar experience. I had a store transfer a warwick corvette 5 string for me, but luckily didnt put any money down. I hated it, probably because of the 5 strings. I love every other warwick Ive ever tried, and was really considering buying this one, but after trying it out I just couldnt. Ill probably never play more than four strings. Now they have it sitting in their show room...
Probably the rickenbacker 4003. Looks awesome, Sounds cool when people use it, but i just played it and it felt and sounded weird maybe it was just not set up right, maybe i just don't like the rickenbacker tone too much. And the looks are pretty limited i.e colour
Maple neck/fretboard USA Fender Jazz basses. It's like, the bass that everyone seems to covet, and when I tried one out it just felt... meh. The neck felt horrible. It was tacky, seemed to forcibly, actively resist sliding or you moving your thumb at all, there was a fair bit of buzz and it was a lot lighter than I both expected and would have liked.

Not worth the £1000+ on the tag, in my eyes, and it's probably the experience that turned me off Jazzes completely. The Precision next to it was a beauty though.
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with me, it'd be Warwicks and Rickenbackers. I love how they look and sound but I hate playing them.
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And, that is why?

Warwicks don't have comfortable necks for me, and the tone doesn't do much when I hear them in person. It's not a matter of chunky necks or wide/thin necks or even the woods, because I love necks on '59 P-basses (Chunkier than current P-basses), I actually prefer wider necks (Wide & flat is my preference), and in terms of woods, I love the feel of unfinished maple and I love the feel of unfinished wenge. The shape/feel doesn't work for me, and the tone leaves me something to be desired.

Modulus in my limited experience (Flea basses w/ Barts and Q5's with Barts) haven't been aggressive enough for me, and the necks have felt kinda weird and sticky to me.

And I gotta echo the Rickenbacker comment, although that's in very limited experience. The only new ones I played were unplugged and very short sessions at NAMM, and the ones I've played plugged in were very abused 70's model 4001's with the Rick-O-Sound broken and ancient ancient flatwounds, so they don't work for me.

But, with all those instruments, there have been players with tones I really like using them, so it's a shame but it doesn't work for me.
Bongos. I love their sound, but I'd never get one because it looks like you're playing a stringed toilet. Man they're ugly.
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One of my local music shop has two passive Music Man Sub basses that are well in my price range, one 4 and one 5 string.

I played the Stringray 5 as soon as I got there, because I've never played one before. Minus the $1500 price tag, I loved it. So the salesman there told me that the Sub basses were very similar, but had some weird coating, I'm not sure how to describe it. It was some plastic heavy duty covering, looked something like what was all over my first amp. I played it, and it didn't get much better from there.

I really wanted to like it, because I loved the Stingray 5, but it just didn't cut it for me.
Fender Jaguar (generally poor design), Sandberg California (stupidly heavy, didn't improve upon Fender's design)

On the other hand I love to hate Warwicks. I do play them whenever I see them just to make sure that I hate the look, feel and sound of them. And I do.
I loooove the look of Thunderbirds. When I owned one (I know...) I would push my self to get used to it cos it looks soooo damn cool.

And still when I watch live clips of system of a down a part of me wants another thunderbird to just rock out with

But yeah...no they are crap.. =P
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traben i like everything about them looks and sound wise
i went to a local music store to play one i swear that thing was like 20lbs
i didnt even play it put it down and said no way
P.S dont know how much basses way average but i would think 20lbs is alot all i kno is it was way way way heavy

Yeah 20lbs is way too heavy

Mmm I dont look out many basses on the web
I usually search for picks
Omg I love picks so much!!
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I once tried a Thunderbird. God was that an awful bass.

+1, and I'm not a huge Fender fan really, they sound great, but they just don't play as nice in my opinion.
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I got used to a Warwick $$ in a matter of seconds...that thing melted into my hands last time I was at Guitar Center.

I just couldn't get used to the Bongo. I love the look, love the sound, but something doesn't feel right with them. I have no idea how to explain it.

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Warwicks for me I love the look but they don't feel, sound, or fit the budget (a bit over priced for what they are in my opinion)
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