Blue tele, bottom row on the left, between the sunburst strat and the black strat. On sale for $99, and it plays excellently. Nice flamed blue maple top, with natural binding. 22 frets. Dual humbuckers. It's got volume for each pup, one tone, a three way and a two way coil split switch.

I'll get closer pics and some sound clips tomorrow.

This is the shop I got it from. Great place, I'll be pimping them everywhere I go!
nice, that pic is fucking epic
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Should have got the tele/LP double neck above it.....maybe next time
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OMFG!!, look at those LP's and tele guitars that are joined to gether, they look kool, and **** ass wired

What Goes Up

Must Come Down
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OMFG!!, look at those LP's and tele guitars that are glued to gether, they look kool, and **** ass wired

Glued. xD

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Glued. xD


xD ok then.. how about "joined"

What Goes Up

Must Come Down
cool looking.
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whoooa the Double Neck Hybrid of a Les Paul and a Telecaster?
haha sweet

Nice looking guitar you bought, btw.
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god I wish I could post the pear here.....

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btw youre avatar is great
couldnt help but laugh

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is dotonshaft a retail store or a manufacturer with retail outlets?

Retail. They have all their guitars custom made, and they don't carry any big name brands, so they can afford to sell guitars for a lot cheaper.

Um, the double neck is a tad out of my budget. The tele was $99, the double neck is $1199. It's a kickass guitar though.

They have a double neck bass, with one five string neck and one four string fretless neck.
ill buy a standard tele from that guy for $150 shipped to NY. whats the best way to go about that in your opinion?
The new Axe, I didn't even want to touch it when we recorded Skin Fountain. lol, I was like nah man, I don't want to break it! I usually do that to expensive things. =D

That shop looks like more of a Macy's type of store rather than being a guitar store.
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