Has anyone tried? what do you think as in difficulty or sound.

From what I year it is pretty cool

and does anyone know here i might be able to find one cheap?
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There's been quite a few threads about this. Search bar!

Anyway, the conclusion to all those threads is no, no you can't. You just can't. Not physically plausable. However, there exists such a device called eBow. Look into it.
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I have tried, its not good
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umm we did a horrible thing once at skool lol there were 2 guitars (owned by the skool) about to be replaced 1 bass 1 electric we used the electric as a bow and umm we kind broke every string on both intruments ...... BUT both were cheap $50 copies of half decent guitars and neither realy deserved to live.

but no u cant use a bow went a little off topic there lol
You mean use a bow with an electric? For one it wouldn't be possible because of the strings being on the same level, I think. For two, what's the point?
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My guitarist played a song with a bow live once, but he's horrifically good at Violin so it worked out pretty well. On bass.. maybe not.
Because of the strings all being level, if you insist on playing with a bow it's going to have be chords or make sure you muffle the strings so you don't get harmonics.
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I already asked this, and I realized that the eBow was invented for a reason. Go look it up on eBay - they can be like $50 there.