Hmm... Long time since i've written anything so it could be utter crap :P but hey, nothing wrong with trying!

I wrote this earlier today and decided i'd just post it..
I havent decided if it is finished yet, maybe going to add some lines to it.

Pissing into the Wind

Isn't this how everything ends
Darkened skies, darkened eyes
And i know i should be glad
That I witnessed this until point break

Feelings have been mixed up
Expectations have been shattered
Loves have been nullified
But still I stand unbroken

Your face was the last thing I saw
Disappearing into the fog
You went with all the others, leaving me behind
You left me here with all my fears

Now that you have gone away
My world has changed for the better
I feel like I can take off my burden
And finally put these old cries to sleep

And I should have seen this coming
I should have done this sooner
Since the effect of our friendship
Has been like pissing into the wind...
Always knowing what comes next
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Well, I rofled at the title. And i like the piece alot.
A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.