As some may know i am in the process of saving up for a custom Ran Guitar, its going to take a while but i figured if i get all the details worked out now it would be good.

Im trying to come up with ideas for the overall shape of the guitar, i have tried to draw it myself but im so crap at drawing it looks like a 5 year old did it.

Is there anything online that can help me make the shape, or give me ideas?

Ive looked over numerous sites and ive come up with a good shape, a little feedback would be great we will have to put on our thinking caps and use good on imagination.

So i had though of a Ibanez style super-strat body, gloss white or satin black, ebony fretboard, and a head stock similiar to either:


I was thinking of something like this too :

Just imagine that the picture is rotated a bit and that your looking at the front of the headstock and fretboard.

Ive already got the other things like hardware pickups etc all sorted im just eager to find a cool unique shape.

Thanks in advance for any comments.
kisakae but thats just shapes of other guitars etc, but you could print screen all the bits you like and make a monster on photoshop or (god forbid..) microsoft paint.

or get someone you know who can draw to draw you up a more detailed one, or just use a shape stencil.

PS: is the guitar going to be a 7 string?
and the last headstock will look amazing (depending on what body you choose)
I'm guessing that they won't let you use other companies' headstocks.
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/\ The first two are Rans own headstock designs(albeit custom designed by other customers), and the last one is a variation of an existing one. Ran do complete custom guitars, a quick look on their site shows you custom warlocks,v's,superstrats,mockingbirds,explorers so i dont think its really out of the question to make something similiar.

@ admbwr: i havent decided yet whether it will be a 6 or a 7 im more of a 6 player myself but god do i love the grunt of a low b string.

I'll look around for some body shapes and post them again and we can try and use our imaginations
Are there some options that jack up the price more than others?

I built a moderate specification (so i thought) and it came out to $3700. From what I read on this site people were getting lower quotes than that.

Really all i did beyond a standard Cruiser was
Original floyd rose & locking nut
Quilted maple top
Abalone Jeweled binding on body top and headstock.
White binding on neck.
maple-mahogany 5P neck
Red LED side dots
and I requested a carved top instead of a flat one. (i didnt know what was standard because the site shows examples of both).
requested a deep routed tremolo cavity to allow maximum movement of the original floyd rose (similiar to an ibanez JS or JEM model)

Some of these things i added just because I thought "hell if im getting a custom guitar then it should have something unique" which really is the LED side dots. If thats such an expensive option then I wouldnt have added that.
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/\ The first two are Rans own headstock designs

What? I thought the first one was the B.C. Rich shape.