Someone help.
No websites work. Google, torrent websites, wiki, nothing. Although myspace sort of works, as just the text comes up (no pictures no music.)
Only UG will load on IE7. Any help/suggestions/ideas?
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hmm guess someone is fooling with your compouter!
got an antivirus/firewall?
or maybe its the cookies, they might be blocked so the above sites wont work?
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get Firefox

And how would he be able to download it if he can't get onto other websites?

Erm, I had this problem about a month ago, only UG, google, and Myspace worked for me (but without the pictures, or music, as you said). Then after a couple days of that, everything stopped working. Try and do a system restore to a couple days before you got the problem, that might sort it out.
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Firefox, man.
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If you can't use the internet to download Firefox, then maybe try using limewire or something similar to download it (no copyright issues because the program is free to begin with)
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Find a way to get firefox. If you have to use a friends computer and a flashdrive or burn the install to a cd, get firefox. IE is crap no matter what number it is.
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somebody on here send it to him via messenger or something
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It's not IE's fault, I had the same problem, and it was the same with Firefox and Internet Explorer.
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dns server could be playing up

copy this address into ur address bar and see if it loads.
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It's probably your ISP messing up. I remember times when IRC worked but nothing else, I called my ISP and they said there was a DNS server problem.
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try restarting the computer

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Are you using a proxy maybe?
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