an amazing co-worker of mine, whos lived an incredible life, living with schizophrenia (sp), gave me 43 pages of poems and lyrics he wrote from 1993 (some from more recently), asking me to write music to them (if i wanted to). so i started doing it. what i have uploaded though is just a rough demo of the music without the lyrics.
the lyrics however are:


blame yourself my restless friend
you were young and life goes on
today is short and memories are long
to all the right people
your experience shows
you got away with more than others
it's said you went to far'

By Gordon M. Butler
rewritten from october 18th, 1993's typed pages.

so i hope the music is appropriate. i think it is, but i'd love some input.

i recorded this in a room full of people, so thats where the voices are coming from, but i kindove like the sound of it, to be honest.

anyway, let me know what you think, crit for crit of course.


haha, here's the site-
the song is "restless (rough demo)"
drape yourself in greenery, become part of the scenery
-British Sea Power
I think the voices in the background add to the song. Like everything is just passing the poor guy by. I'd like to hear this with the lyrics.
Hey thanks for the crit. I really like this. The guitar work has a very nice atmosphere. I thought it was pretty cool. Maybe at the start, at around 20 seconds or whenever, how it has those three notes, on the third one some strumming would be cool. But that's just my own kinda thing! Sounds good though
That's really good. Like gallagher2006 stated above, the voices in the background add to the music. I think it sounds really cool just like it is now. I'm interested in hearing lyrics with this.
I really don't know what to say about this, the guitar is excellent and catchy, it's rough but it really brings out the feel of this song. I really like the two guitar riffs and how they're panned to the left and right... just overall greatness

And that's about the coolest thing ever, wish I had awesome co-workers
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