Okay so at the moment i'm playing a cheap yamaha guitar and i'm fed up with it and want to upgrade to something more respectable.

I've got about 650euros to spend and i've been looking at the epiphone les paul custom black beauty and a fender stratocaster but i cant make up my mind as to which to get.

I'm into bands like the chili peppers, foo fighters, blink 182, breaking benjamin, saosin, godsmack, audioslave, RATM, linkin park, funeral for a friend, lostprophets, AFI, bullet for my valentine, coheed and cambria, avenged sevenfold, etc etc.
Kinda funk, punk, rock, screamo, hardcore among other types.
I've also got short fingers and i dont know if this should make a difference when picking a guitar?? maybe a slimmer neck or something i really dont know thats why i need your help.

so could anyone point out which guitar would be more suited to me or recommend another guitar?
Also if someone could point out the pros and cons of the les paul black beauty and the fender strat it would be great.

so any feed back would be great.
thanks in advance for the advice.
Yes, The Epiphone Custom is a great guitar, almost a good as a Gibson LP, It sounds great, I think it would suit you pretty well
i would consider a yamaha pacifica (which i'm guessing is what it is) reasonably respectable. it's not about what guitar you have it's how you play it. besides if you have a £5000($10000) gibson les paul no one will respect you if you sound like crap, bringing me to my next point. what amp are you using?
the epiphone SG models have pretty slim necks. You should try them and the guitars you've mentioned out and see what feels best.
the amp i'm using now doesnt matter caused i'd buy a new amp as well.
thanks for the advice
so long as that isn't a lin6 spider or a marshall mg/avt then ok lol. in that case the epiphone custom is a really great guitar with a pick up change it'll be as good as the low end gibsons easily