"I gotta admit, that I'm a little bit confused"

The lyrics above this are only a small part of the masterpiece that is Pink Floyd's "Dogs" off of their masterpiece "Animals". I must admit that although I consider myself a die hard Floyd fan and can play the majority of their most melodic songs (Not just Dark Side and after, either...) and thought I had figured out David Gilmour's playing style, I just found out about 20 minutes ago I still have no idea how he goes about developing his songs, and more specifically, his legendary guitar solos. Now "Dogs" has been my favorite Pink Floyd song for a while, I always made up excuses as to why I hadn't tried it out ("dgcfad for only one song?" ,"it's too long and has a 5 minute guitar pause in the middle", and lastly "There's way more guitars playing in the song than I can at once"). I've been listening to a lot of the Animals era concert bootlegs and finally concluded that I have to learn this song to sleep at night (I mean it in a literal sense too, since thinking about this prevented me from getting a wink of sleep). While I know I can play this song and have heard it enough times to have it down in no time at all, I've been running across all the interesting little bits of the song that I never thought about before (specifically the bending, which is one of my favorite parts to play ;D) and how unusual and beautiful the main chord progression that starts the song off and comes up a few times during the song is. Plus this song was recorded on a Tele, meaning I didn't have to worry about David Gilmour using the 22nd fret or his signature tremolo bar dives.

Now to my point. Is there a song you've always loved, but have always avoided learning? What's the excuse? Is anyone currently learning a song that they've never had as much fun learning as they are right now?

Anyways, if I could recommend a song to learn, it would definately Dogs. Hopefully I can find the Animals music book and learn the other 2 big tracks (I'm learning Dogs from the Pink Floyd issue of Guitar Legends.)

Anyways, I hope everyone is loving the guitar like it's winning the lottery.
Global warming at my homework, sir.
I always avoid learning stuff.. But that's because I don't care as much about my guitar playing I suppose, i'm more of a singer/songwriter than a virtuoso guitarist, so I guess there's no point in pushing myself.

It depends what level you want to be at, if you want to keep improving you should keep pushing yourself to learn songs, I'm sure you will get something out of all of them.

That said, there's no point learning loads of songs at a skill level you are bored of, try to learn some harder stuff