i cant decide between the two B-52 at 100 tube or peavey valveking 100 tube
help me decide if you can i don't want alternate suggestions just between these town amps i just need some help deciding which one.
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I appreciate the choice of a tube combo, however both of those amp have been known to have somewhat sketchy qualities. Both are good beginner tube amps as well. I know that the B-52 seems to have more quality issues than the Valveking however, it is a good sounding amp, a high gain model that is supposed to mimic a dual rectifier. The valveking is a less high gain model. It depends on what kinda music you play.
probably any type of punk to metal core dream theater a7x stuff
~shecter hellraiser C-1~
If metalcore is high-gain mid-scooped metal (sorry I am old) then the Valveking won't do it.
B52 all the way, I love that amp, great for the price and very versatile as well!
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