I just want to know how many people out there have the JCM 800 2X12 Combo,
i cant find a single one out there that is similar, it's a single channel 50 watt LEAD head, has to horizontal inputs High + low it has a G12t75 Celestion and a G12m70 Celestion which i think has been modified by a previous owner,
im pretty sure it was one of the first of 800's brought out but i can say, can any one out there shed some light on this amp?

I had one (the 4104 model) but sold it 2 months ago. The marshall website has general information on them. See under "heritage" and then select JCM 800. There is also a manual for the head (not the combo). What specific information do you want?
the Marshall web site doesn't show it, I'm pretty sure that they stopped making it in the US and moved the construction to japan, cost cutting i assume. i don't think its a 4104. I basically wanted to know the difference between the 800's and if any one had a similar one.
The whole JCM 800 range is displayed on the marshall website, so for all the differences just check there. Currently, they only make a reissue of the head. I think the JCM 800 combo production stopped ages ago.

The model number is hand written on the back, so you'd better check it.