I Just bought a Ashdown Fallen Angel 60 Watt Amp On Ebay...

I hear that some people use Overdrive Pedals With it for a gain boost .

What exactly does that mean ? And any suggestions on an overdrive pedal that would boost my gain .

Im also wondering

what do EQ Pedals Do ?
what genre of music do you play. to be honest i doubt the FA would need any kind of overdrive. basically an overdrive pedal boosts the output from the guitar which then drives the tubes in the amp harder, this will give you more tube overdrive (think of the sound of distortion, in a sense it's giving you more distortion)

EQ pedal let you adjust your amps tone more. most amps come with a 3 band EQ (bass mid treble) bass adjusts the lower frequencies so if you turn it up full it'll sound very bassy, mid alters the mid range frequencies and treble alters the higher frequencies. an EQ pedal will basically just let you alter this further as most EQ pedals are 7 band giving you more versatility as such. if you don't know how to use EQ i suggest just fiddling with the amps onboard EQ first to get to grips.
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Well My Style is basically just all kinds of rock.

But i play Metal in a band.

So if i finding it lacking in gain .. Then i should buy an overdrive pedal. ?

Can anyone answer my Eq Question ?
the fallen angel has a lot of gain and so you shouldnt really need an OD but if you find you want more, or you want to colour the tone, then yes you can get an OD pedal
ooh sorry// I made the mistake of only reading the top half .. Eq question Answered !
no but i've played one. i'll get you a link so you can hear a FA

edit: just realised you had another thread on the FA. i gave you a link to clips there

also go to www.youtube.com and search ashdown fallen angel. there are loads of videos showing you what the amp sounds like
yeah I've heard the sound clips.. I like the sound.

It sounds a little vintage though.. I like modern stuff.

I guess i'll just have to mess with it.

And yeah I have dial up .. And You Tube Hates Dial Up