Last night I went to an amazing concert and I wanted to know if I was the only one on UG who was there. It was at the Dodge County Fair, in Beaver Dam Wisconsin. . . not sure if anyone here even lives near there. But obviously, it was an Alice Cooper concert, so I wanna know what your favorite parts were. . .if you saw it anyway.
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Never seen him live, but A to the C does rock. One of the very few slightly heavy bands/artists I can stand.

EDIT: Was it all theatrical? Or does he not do that anymore?
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I saw Alice way back in the '70s. Was a great show.
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He came here and my dad wouldn't take me....seems like my dad never wants me to go to concerts unless it's someone he was planning to go to.....
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Dude that cool but at the same time not cool. I'm going to beaver damn in like a week with my dad to go see his uncle ahh damn. Did he play "Billion Dollar Babies"

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