Hey guys, I've tried singing in one of my songs for the first time in my life. I've just put this song up on my UG profile so you guys can hear it because I didn't want to put it on my myspace since that one is for the finished product. I'm not finished with this song but I wanted to see what you guys thought of the singing, and everything else, but the singing is the biggest thing for me. I'm looking for constructive criticism of what you guys think of the singing/lyrics/guitar/bass/drums, the whole song.

The song is called What Matters Most and its on my UG profile which you can get to by clicking the link in my sig. I would be happy to return any crits, just give me a link. Thanks in advance.

I've posted this before but I didn't get many replies and I really need to know about the singing soon because I don't have too many oppurtunities to record since school is coming. I want to know if I should keep persuing it, or give up.
I like how the drums come in with the guitar solo at the start, sounds really cool!

Your voice sounds good too but I think it sounds a little dull. I think it has to do with the microphone or way you recorded it though not your actual voice. Good emotion too, if it was at a concerter I would totally be jumping around
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Drums and main riff is pretty cool. Im not as big on the lead, mostly the tone, if it was a little more distorted it would prolly fit a little better. Vocals I thought were pretty good they fit in there with the music style nicely. I like how the verses are very spaced out musically. Keep up the good work.
You've actually got a very good punk/grunge voice. it's a well put together song, and that lead guitar complements it well in a strange way. The bass and verses in general kick ass, but I find, I wish the chorus almost had a little more punch, even though it seems you are doing all you can - maybe just a little volume increase. Drums are fine.

In the beginning, i noticed the ryhtym guitar seemed to slip a little - just not quite as taught as it might be. Overall, my main comment is that this doesn't reflect quite enough energy, but I can't really fault you as most studio musicians have that problem.

Nice job, though.

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