Hy everybody...I got some Dunlop straplocks, and I have a Dean Schenker flying v in which the forward strap button screw recepticle hole is in the neckplate. The silly little screws that come with the straplocks make me laugh...but not so funny is the fact that they aren't long enough to make it thru to the guitar. Where can I get longer ones, anyone know?

PS - also, if you have a strap button hole in your guitar that's worked it's diameter too wide and the screw & strap button is falling out, how do you fix that?

Thanx Guys
for the PS...

you mean big hole small screw?

take a match and stick it into the hole so the screw has more "flesh".

and for your first problem...

what about your old screws? aren´t they big/long enough?
wow...yeah that's what I mean with the PS! Wow thanx!

Unfortunately Nope, the straplocks screws have these little heads that are manufactured for the straplocks. The original screws from the guitar won't fit down into them. I pulled out my wood screw assortment, and all the screws I have do not work (same problem). It's lookin like they have to be "Dunlop straplocks screws" specifically. I also do not have have access to a grinder or equipment that I can grind the heads of the original screws down with as well.

Back to the PS...will toothpicks work?

That was great thanx again.